Micro Metakit

The legacy of The Original Micro Metakit and Micro Feinmechanik models remains unparalleled in the world of brass model craftsmanship. Years ago, we were privileged to have been chosen as their exclusive representative in North America. However, with the unfortunate passing of both owners, Micro Metakit models ceased production, and the company closed its doors. As is often the case with fine art, the value of these models has soared since the artisans' passing, making Micro Metakit models today the most sought-after and valuable HO scale brass models ever created.

For collectors fortunate enough to examine these remarkable locomotives firsthand, the unparalleled intricacy and precision in every detail are undeniable. Produced in extremely limited quantities, with some models numbering as few as 10 and rarely exceeding 60 worldwide, each piece undergoes meticulous hand assembly and is expertly painted by "Old-World" artisans. The resulting Original Micro-Metakit creations stand as the epitome of fine craftsmanship, revered as the pinnacle of the European Model Railway Industry, akin to the Rolls Royce in the world of automobiles.

Features of the Original Micro-Metakit models include:

  • "Faulhaber" brushless/ironless maintenance-free motors
  • Complete cab interiors with functional boiler hatch, boiler interior, and sprung buffers
  • Functional cab doors and step plate between tender and cab
  • Full functionality for all 4-cylinder locomotives
  • Handcrafted brass construction in highly limited quantities

Detailed Cab Interiors and Scale Window Glazing:

Every Original Micro-Metakit model boasts meticulously crafted cab detailing, meticulously replicating all the gauges and controls found on the prototype. Additionally, scale window glazing has been intricately included. Upon closer inspection, these locomotives unveil surprises that even the most discerning collector will find remarkable.  Every serious brass collector should have at least on Micro Metakit or Micro Feinmechanic model in their collection.