Micro Metakit 12741H Austrian Express Locomotive Class 57 of the DRG German State Railroad

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Prototype: The German BR 57.305 was an ex Austrian class 80 locomotive constructed by the Wiener Neustadt Lokomotiven Werke in 1922, the BBÖ Austrian Stare Railroads series 80 locomotive, numbered 80.4911, stands as a testament to Austrian engineering prowess. This locomotive, was equipped with twin drive, vacuum brakes, and an exhaust gas heat exchanger for combustion air, embodied innovation for its time. The tender style, designated 156.1437, boasted a state-of-the-art construction in 1935, adorned with a striking black-black color scheme accented by light-green trim lines.

Originally conceptualized by Karl Gölsdorf, the Series 180 locomotives, introduced in 1900, heralded a new era in locomotive design, featuring the world's first practical 0-10-0 configuration. Building upon this success, the evolution of the Series 80 saw the incorporation of superheated steam technology, utilizing the Schmidt smoke tube superheater system. From 1909 to 1918, the kkStB received a substantial number of these locomotives, distinguished by their high boilers, strategically positioned fireboxes, and fourth axle serving as a drive axle.

The journey of improvement continued with the introduction of composite locomotives, albeit with mixed results due to issues with steam temperature and wear. Responding to these challenges, piston valves were eventually installed on both sides of the engine, enhancing efficiency and reliability. Despite initial setbacks, the Series 80 emerged as a powerhouse, boasting an impressive output of 1180 PSI at a boiler pressure of 14 bar and a service weight of 68 tons without tender.

Beyond the borders of Austria, the Series 80 found widespread acclaim, serving railway companies across Europe and even reaching distant shores, including Persia. Following World War I, locomotives of the Series 80 were adopted by successor states of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, leaving an indelible mark on railway history.

Model: Micro-Metakit's class 80/180 model pays homage to this iconic locomotive with unparalleled attention to detail. Crafted by skilled artisans, this masterpiece features a functional boiler hatch, a meticulously recreated cab interior, and a replicated braking system. With its high-efficiency Faulhaber brushless motor, the model delivers exceptional running performance, making it a prized possession for collectors. Produced in limited quantities, the Class 80 model encapsulates the spirit of innovation and craftsmanship synonymous with BBÖ Series 80 locomotive.

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