Consigning your Collection - General Information

Unlock the potential of your cherished train collection with IEhobbie's exclusive consignment program. We understand that parting ways with your collection can be a sentimental journey, and that's why we've designed a safe and secure platform for collectors like you to sell your prized models or acquire rare, out-of-production pieces through consignment.

Why Choose Iehobbies's Consignment Program?

Seamless Process: Transitioning your collection into the hands of fellow enthusiasts has never been easier. Our streamlined process ensures a hassle-free experience from start to finish.

Professional Presentation: Our team of experts meticulously captures high-quality photographs of your items, showcasing every intricate detail to entice potential buyers.

Comprehensive Listings: We take care of crafting compelling and informative descriptions, highlighting the unique features and historical significance of each model to attract discerning buyers.

Exposure to a Vast Audience: Your consigned models will gain visibility on our reputable website, reaching a broad and dedicated audience of collectors actively seeking rare additions to their own collections.

Why consign vs selling in bulk?

While the prospect of selling your collection in bulk might seem appealing for its simplicity and speed, it’s essential to consider the financial implications. Bulk sales often result in significantly lower returns, as most bulk buyers offer only a fraction of the market value for each item. Bulk buyers will often purchase collections for "market value" meaning the lowest price for quick returns. We only take a 25% commission on each sale, which is an industry-leading rate considering the comprehensive services we provide. This ensures you receive a substantial portion of the sale price. Your collection is kept in a secure, climate-controlled environment to maintain its condition and value. We take the utmost care to ensure the safety and preservation of your items throughout the consignment process. Should you change your mind at any point, we are more than willing to assist you in retrieving your collection. Your items remain your property until they are sold, providing you with complete control over the process.