Overland Models

Since 1976, Overland Models has been a premier designer of fine brass scale models.  We are dedicated to preserving rail history – and celebrating its future – by creating the most accurate and highest quality reproductions of your favorite trains, past and present.

Overland creates limited production brass models in HO, O and N scales.  Brass, unlike other materials such as plastic, allows for the most minute detail to be rendered accurately and authentically, and therefore is ideal for creating accurate miniatures of complex equipment.  Also, brass’s qualities allow it to be etched and formed in nearly exact replication of an original prototype.  This highly crafted and precision-driven process necessitates that brass models come in very limited supplies.

OMI’s tradition of quality and devotion to accuracy is matched by our bold steps to introduce new models and features to delight the most discerning collector and hobbyist.  All of our products are handcrafted and come fully detailed.

Overland Models, Inc. is dedicated to designing and manufacturing the finest, most authentic brass rail models available.