The 74th birthday of Fulgurex belongs now already to the past and what remains are pleasure, souvenirs, satisfaction and experience. The future belongs to us and Fulgurex challenges it with great enthusiasm. Fulgurex will be able to profit from our great experience. It is therefore Fulgurex's declared goal to make few but the very best. Fulgurex's series of models are small and really limited. The customer must be aware of the fact that, by buying a Fulgurex model, he is acquiring something unique and precious.

The creation of such models - handmade and in brass - requires, among other virtues, lots of patience. This patience is not only needed from the point of view of the creator but also from our customers and collectors acquiring, completing and expanding such a collection. The real collector makes it a pastime of his life.

In our fast living world, we are confronted with stress and cheap consumer goods and we search for strongholds in our lives. We have to practice patience and learn to have pleasure out of beautiful and durable objects.

In this sense, we would like to thank our customers and collectors for their patience and fidelity and promise that we will continue to create dreams for you.