HO Brass Model Trains - Fulgurex French PLM Double Diesel Locomotive Class 262 AD1 - Factory Painted

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Introducing the extraordinary Class 262 Double-Diesel locomotive, a fully streamlined masterpiece from 1938, now recreated by Fulgurex. Limited to a production run of just 40 units worldwide, each model is meticulously crafted by hand using brass, ensuring unparalleled quality and attention to detail.

Step into the world of luxury rail travel as these models feature full interiors adorned with numerous extra details, providing an authentic and immersive experience. Enjoy the mesmerizing sight of cab illumination, functional doors, and directional lighting that bring the locomotive to life. What's more, the models come equipped with a factory-installed ESU digital decoder, adding a touch of modern technology to this vintage beauty.

The Class 262 locomotives boast remarkable power and history. Originally introduced by PLM in 1937, they were an engineering marvel, weighing in at a massive 225 tons. Their formidable strength came from a pair of Sulzer 12-cylinder twin bank engines, each rated at an impressive 2,200hp at 700 rpm on the one-hour rating – the most powerful engines of their time in railway traction.

Initially intended for the 'Cote d'Azure' express service between Paris and Nice or Mentone, these locomotives later found their true calling, operating on a return day trip between Paris and Lyons, covering an impressive daily mileage of 635 miles at average speeds of 56 - 60 mph, pulling loads of 350 - 450 tons before World War Two. Even after the war, their efficiency remained unmatched, with average speeds of 50 - 52 mph and increased loadings of 560 - 750 tons.

Notable for their resilience, the Class 262 locomotives required only three general overhauls from 1938 to 1950. Even during the 1950 overhaul, the two power units retained their original four carbon-steel crankshafts, showcasing the exceptional craftsmanship that went into their construction.

The Sulzer-powered 262BD1, part of a twin unit ordered by PLM, stood alongside its counterpart, the 262AD1, powered by four MAN 1,050hp engines. Despite their eventual retirement in 1955, these locomotives left a lasting legacy as unique and innovative machines, symbolizing the epitome of power in their era.

Now, Fulgurex pays homage to these legendary locomotives by meticulously recreating them in all their glory. With only a few units of each version available, seize the opportunity to own a piece of railway history. Reserve your Class 262 model today and immerse yourself in the golden age of rail travel.

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