Micro Metakit 07301H German 1930s Streamlined Express Locomotive BR 03.193 Red Livery of the DRG

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Prototype: In the 1930s, the Deutsche Reichsbahn sought a locomotive capable of achieving speeds surpassing 100 kilometers per hour. Commissioning German locomotive manufacturers, the contract was awarded to Berlin's Borsig Locomotive in 1935. Borsig's result was the BR 03.193, a marvel of speed and efficiency.

Model: Micro Metakit's 03.193 exemplifies exquisite craftsmanship, meticulously crafted from brass and adorned in the DRG wine red and black livery. The model boasts a fully realized cab interior, complete with functional inspection doors that open and close with precision. What truly sets this model apart is its astonishing attention to detail; beneath the elegant exterior lies a faithful recreation of the locomotive's intricate machinery, including pistons, drive rods, and boiler components. While other manufacturers might settle for superficial representations, Micro Metakit goes above and beyond, ensuring every aspect of the prototype is faithfully reproduced.

Equipped with a T37 tender, a Faulhaber type brushless ironless bell-shaped motor, and sprung loaded puffers, the model is a testament to technical excellence and aesthetic finesse. Indeed, its myriad technical and optical details defy enumeration.

Due to the painstaking nature of its production, quantities are exceedingly limited, with only 50 models slated for production worldwide. Act swiftly to secure your order, as we only have one to sell.

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