Micro Metakit 96800H Italian Photo Grey Pacific Express Loco Class 691 of the FS

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Very Rare Model only 80 were made Worldwide.

Prototype: The Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane (FS; Italian State Railways) Class 691, also known as Gruppo 691 in Italian, stands as a pinnacle among locomotives, boasting the 4-6-2 'Pacific' configuration. Renowned as the swiftest and most potent locomotives ever to grace the Italian railways, they emerged from a pivotal era in the late 1920s. The FS recognized the need for a new breed of locomotives tailored for mainline express operations, as the incumbent Class 690 struggled due to its limited steam capacity, particularly evident with the smaller firebox resulting in inferior performance compared to the lighter Class S.685 2-6-2 locomotives.

Initially envisioned as the Class 695, plans were thwarted by the imposing axle load, necessitating costly line reinforcements—an unfeasible investment with electrification gaining momentum. Thus, a more pragmatic approach prevailed, focusing on refurbishing the existing Class 690 locomotives to enhance performance while mitigating the axle load concerns. This overhaul saw the adoption of Class 746 boilers, the substitution of the trailing axle with a Bissel truck to support the enlarged firebox, and the incorporation of a Nielebock-Knorr pre-heater.

A total of 33 locomotives underwent this transformation, split between FS workshops and the Ernesto Breda company. Initially slated for Class 695 tenders, they ultimately received enlarged versions of the standard FS bogie tender. Notably, locomotive 691.011 achieved a record-breaking speed of 150 kilometers per hour (93 mph) between Verona and Padova, solidifying its status in Italian railway history.

In 1939, locomotive 691.026 experimented with a streamlined casing, though this endeavor proved unsuccessful, with the casing removed by 1946.

Model: Micro Metakits Class 691, meticulously crafted in brass, embodies exquisite attention to detail. Its fully realized cab interior, operational boiler hatch revealing intricate boiler features, and a brushless, ironless bell motor underscore its artisanal quality. Adorned in the iconic Italian photo grey livery, this masterpiece encapsulates the technical and aesthetic essence of the Class 691 locomotive.  Micro Metakit models are simply the best HO Brass models made.  Only 80 of these exquisite models were produced worldwide.

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