Micro Metakit 00800H kkStB Imperial Austrian Railway Class 470 Gölsdorf Locomotive

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In 1914, the Austrian 470 Class 2-8-2 steam locomotive emerged as a pinnacle of design tailored for the rigorous demands of heavy freight and express travel on the Royal Austrian Railroads. Crafted by the esteemed locomotive architect Karl Gölsdorf, renowned for his contribution to Austria's locomotive heritage, the 470 stood as a testament to engineering excellence.

This locomotive found its niche traversing the challenging terrain of the "Tauernbahn," a route characterized by formidable mountainous landscapes. Additionally, its prowess extended to pulling the illustrious "Orient Express," marking its significance in the annals of rail history.

Micro-Metakit, recognizing the allure of this iconic locomotive, endeavors to encapsulate its essence through meticulously crafted models. Handcrafted in brass, these models boast a comprehensive cab interior, a functional boiler hatch revealing intricate boiler details, and are powered by a brushless, ironless bell motor. Notably, the model features operational four-cylinder pistons, showcasing a dedication to authenticity and detail that is unparalleled.

Each rendition of the 470 is a masterpiece in its own right, boasting an array of technical and visual intricacies too numerous to enumerate. However, it's imperative to act swiftly, given the limited production of this iconic locomotive, only 80 were produced worldwide. 

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