Micro Feinmechanik 01310HL German 4-6-2 Pacific Class H02 Experimental Test Locomotive of the DRG

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Prototype: The DRG H 02 1001 stands as a testament to innovative engineering, a high-pressure steam locomotive crafted by the skilled hands of Schwarzkopff to the visionary design of Dr. L. Löffler. While the typical pursuit behind high steam pressures is to enhance fuel efficiency, the H02-1001 aimed higher—to amplify power output within the confines of the German loading gauge.

It was a singular marvel, the sole embodiment of the Schwarzkopff-Löffler high-pressure boiler system, a sophisticated feat where heat exchange defied convention, utilizing steam-filled tubes instead of boiling water. Delivered to the Deutsche Reichsbahn (DRG) in 1930, it embodied a promise of remarkable coal savings—42% beyond the standard 01 locomotive design, as per Schwarzkopff's bold guarantee. However, fate dictated that the DRG never embraced this locomotive.

With steam coursing through its veins at an imposing 1750 lbf/in² (105 kp/cm²), the H02-1001 propelled forward with two diminutive outside cylinders of 220 mm diameter, compounded by a single 600 mm LP inside cylinder. Its majestic 4-6-2 wheel arrangement commanded attention.

Yet, despite exhaustive trials, the dream of heightened efficiency faded against the stark reality of escalating maintenance demands.

Model: Behold one of Micro-Feinmechanik's earliest experimental locomotives, a pinnacle of their craft. The HO2 transcends mere replication, boasting unparalleled detail among Micro Feinmechanik's repertoire. Crafted meticulously in brass, it unveils a fully realized cab interior, a functional boiler hatch revealing intricate boiler details, all powered by a brush-less, ironless bell-shaped motor. Its magnificence transcends enumeration—a true masterpiece.

Its scarcity is accentuated by a tiny production run we believe only 20 units were produced worldwide. We present one of these rare treasures, pristine in condition, nestled within its original packaging alongside a certificate and white gloves, awaiting a discerning collector's embrace.

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