Micro Metakit 07802H Austrian Orient Express Locomotive Class 210 of the KK Imperial Railroad

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In 1908, Kaiser Franz Josef entrusted Karl Gölsdorf with a pivotal task: to craft a locomotive capable of leading his Royal Court train and spearheading Austrian express services with unmatched power and speed. Rising to the challenge, Gölsdorf ingeniously conceived the 210 Class locomotive.

Distinguished by its grandeur, the Austrian 210 Class steam locomotive boasted colossal drivers, formidable pistons, and elegant contours. Gölsdorf, renowned as Austria's preeminent locomotive architect, left an indelible mark with his creations, including the iconic 180, 210, 310, 380, and 470 models. His signature touch, epitomized by elongated slanted boilers and regal golden domes, defined an era of locomotive engineering excellence.

The resounding success of the 210 Class led to its widespread adoption, with many more units constructed to command the legendary "Orient Express" as it traversed the continent.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Micro Metakit brass rendition of the 210 model stands as a testament to precision engineering. Boasting a fully realized cab interior, operational boiler hatch replete with intricate boiler detailing, and propelled by a brushless, ironless bell motor, this masterpiece transcends mere replication, embodying technical sophistication and aesthetic splendor.

Given its rarity, we advise prompt action because only 100 were produced worldwide and we only have 1 to sell.

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