How it works - Consigning your Collection with Us

Whether you've inherited a family heirloom or are gracefully transitioning away from the hobby, IEhobbies consignment program offers a bridge to connect collectors and preserve the legacy of these remarkable pieces. Take the first step by contacting us with a compiled list of your collection, and let us handle the rest. Join us in shaping the future of collecting today!

How it works 

  • Create an Inventory List

    • Start by compiling an inventory list of your collection. This should be an Excel document or PDF that includes the manufacturer and model number of each item.
    • Email your inventory sheet to us at This helps us understand what you have in your collection.
  • Verifying the Collection

    • Model Condition: We accept models that are in at least good condition. Items with significant damage, heavy dust, dirt, or grime will not be accepted. All models must be functional and running. If your models aren't running, we can repair them at your cost. Brass models are an exception and do not need to be functional. We are interested in only locomotives and rolling stock at this time.
    • Box Condition: Ideally, models should come with their original boxes and paperwork, especially if they are limited editions. This ensures authenticity for buyers. Items without original boxes are still accepted but may sell for less.
    • Collection Value: The total value of the collection should be at least over $1000.
  • Shipping Your Collection

    • Once your collection is accepted, we will discuss the best way to transfer your collection to us. Local collectors can either drop off their collections or arrange for us to pick them up. If you are not local, you will need to ship your collection to us at your own expense.
    • Upon receipt of your collection, we handle everything from taking professional photographs and writing detailed descriptions to pricing and listing each item on our website. We manage all the labor, inventory storage, advertising, and shipping to buyers.
  • How You Get Paid

    • As your items sell, we maintain a detailed spreadsheet of each sale from your collection. Payments are issued monthly in the form of checks sent directly to you.