Micro Metakit 02206H German DRB Camo BR 01 Heavy Armored Express Locomotive

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Model: Micro Metakits 01 013 is a meticulously crafted brass locomotive, epitomizing the elegance of the DRG black-red livery. Crafted with precision and care, this masterpiece boasts a full cab interior, a functional boiler hatch showcasing intricate boiler details, and is driven by a Faulhaber type brushless, ironless bell-shaped motor for unparalleled performance. Accompanied by a large 2'2'T 32 type tender and spring-loaded puffers, this model embodies an exceptional level of detail both technically and visually. Limited to a mere 50 units worldwide, each piece represents a rare gem in the world of locomotive craftsmanship, capturing the essence of wartime embellishments with its armor plating and camouflaged livery.

Micro Metakit models stand as paragons of museum-quality craftsmanship, revered by collectors worldwide for their unwavering dedication to quality and excellence. Original Micro-Metakit locomotives are equipped with "Faulhaber" type brushless/ironless maintenance-free motors, boasting full cab interiors, functional features such as a boiler hatch and sprung buffers, and meticulous detailing throughout. From functional cab doors to tender cab step plates, every aspect is crafted to perfection. These locomotives are a testament to the brand's commitment to authenticity and precision, with each unit meticulously handcrafted in limited quantities from brass, ensuring the highest standards of quality.

8.5The history of the BR 01 steam locomotive is a testament to German engineering prowess. Born out of the need for standardized locomotives in the wake of Deutsche Reichsbahn's formation in 1925, the BR 01 exemplifies innovation and performance. With a design influenced by Prussian steam engines, the BR 01 boasted a 4-6-2 Pacific wheel configuration and was tasked with pulling heavy express trains at remarkable speeds. Through rigorous testing and refinement, the two-cylinder variant emerged victorious, heralding a new era of steam locomotion.

Production of the BR 01 spanned from 1925 to 1938, yielding a total of 231 steam engines. Revered by steam enthusiasts worldwide, these locomotives continue to captivate audiences, with a handful preserved in museums and private collections, serving as tangible reminders of a bygone era of rail travel. From their iconic silhouette to their legendary performance, the BR 01 remains a symbol of German engineering excellence and a cherished piece of locomotive history.

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