Micro Feinmechanik 11510HL Prussian Electric Locomotive Class EP211/212 of the P.St.E.V Railroad

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Prototype: The Prussian Electric locomotive class EP211/212, constructed in 1922, served as vital assets for swift passenger transportation amidst the rugged terrain of Silesia. Designed to meet the demands of the era, these locomotives were tasked with hauling 500-ton express trains at speeds of 90 km/h. Featuring a unique two-part construction with a 2 B + B 1 wheel arrangement, the larger chassis boasted a two-axle bogie supporting the driving axles, while the smaller chassis accommodated a single-axle bogie and two driving axles. Power was transmitted to both sections via a single motor connected to the driving axles through a series of straight-toothed gears and jackshafts.

Constructed with wood-framed cabs and steel bodies, the EP209 distinguished itself with a remarkable innovation: a built-in steam boiler designed to heat the passenger cars trailing behind. Upon the Deutsche Reichsbahn's absorption of the Germany State Railroads in 1925, these locomotives were renumbered, with the Prussian EP209 becoming the E49 under the Reichsbahn's designation.

Model: Micro Feinmechanik's commemorative EP211/212 showcases meticulous detailing, adorned in a dark green livery embellished with elaborate flags, wreaths, and garland to commemorate the opening of the route between Goertlitz and Lauban. The model is equipped with a factory-installed digital decoder, brushless bell-shaped coreless motor, extensive roof details, and more. With only 20 units produced worldwide, this model is a rarity. Boasting functional lighting and fully realized engineers' cab and motor compartments, it offers an immersive experience for enthusiasts. Notably, the interior lighting can be digitally controlled, illuminating the motor compartment and engineers' cabs.

 This level of detail sets a new standard in model craftsmanship, elevating the locomotive into a moving masterpiece reminiscent of its steam-powered predecessors.

With just one unit remaining in stock, this locomotive epitomizes the fusion of artistry and engineering, offering collectors a rare opportunity to own a piece of railway history brought to life in stunning detail.

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