Micro Feinmechanik 06420HL German Electric Locomotive Class ES51 of the DRG Railroad Blue Livery

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The ES51, crafted in Berlin by BMAG and unveiled in 1924, stood as a pinnacle of modern electric locomotives of its time. Fast forward to today, Micro Metakit's latest creation not only echoes the ES51's innovation but also establishes a new benchmark for HO locomotives. Introducing the Prussian Reichsbahn class E06 electric, Micro Metakit's debut DCC digital model redefines excellence.

This marvel features functional lights, a meticulously detailed engineer's cab, and motor compartment. Illuminated interiors, controllable via digital command, offer a captivating glimpse into the locomotive's inner workings. What truly sets this model apart is its fully operational antique-style electro motor, boasting polished brass coils and spinning counterweights. Observing the model in motion, one can marvel at the intricacies through the windows, witnessing the mesmerizing dance of brass conductors and synchronized counterweights—a feat unprecedented in modeling history.

With moving drive rods, spinning counterweights, and even a simulated steam boiler, this locomotive embodies the essence of its steam-powered predecessors. The inclusion of a steam boiler enables it to traverse routes devoid of electric lines, seamlessly transitioning between steam and electric power. Indeed, this model represents a fusion of artistry and functionality, reminiscent of classic steam locomotives while pushing the boundaries of modern engineering.

Our admiration for this model knows no bounds—it may very well be the most functionally advanced HO locomotive ever conceived. With just a handful remaining in our inventory, this masterpiece awaits discerning enthusiasts to claim their piece of railway history.

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