Micro Metakit 02804H German/Austrian DRB Camouflaged Class 297 Heavy Adhesion/Rack Loco

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The BR 297 Adhesion/Rack locomotive, a marvel of engineering, holds the distinction of being the largest adhesion/rack locomotive ever constructed. Manufactured by the Wien-Floridsdorf factory in 1942, these locomotives found their calling on the challenging Erzbergbahn, a perilous mountain route nestled in the Erzberg mountain region of Austria. Completed in 1891, the Erzbergbahn facilitated the transportation of ore, covering a demanding 19.6-kilometer stretch from Vordernberg to Eisenerz.

Amidst the myriad rack locomotives built since the early 1900s, the Austrian Railroads recognized the need for robust locomotives capable of conquering the steep 7% grades of the Erzbergbahn. In response to this demand, the BR 297 was commissioned, with the formidable task of hauling 40 or more heavy ore cars—an extraordinary achievement that showcased its unparalleled strength and capability.

Model: Micro Metakit's eagerly anticipated model of the BR 297, announced four years prior, is set to be delivered in early 2005. This model transcends mere representation; it is a functional work of art. Boasting a complete and operational inner rack system, it mirrors the prototype's double-motion drive. The outer drive rods move deliberately slower, while the inner rods exhibit twice the speed, orchestrating the intricate dance of the cog gears. Notably, the inner drive rods are angled at 15 degrees, a feat that posed a significant mechanical challenge and led to a meticulous production process.

Anticipated in four distinct versions, the model promises a January 2005 delivery. Of particular interest is the WWII German version #02800H, adorned with German Wehrmacht eagles and air raid light dimmers attached to the lanterns, adding historical depth and intrigue. The BR 297 model, a testament to Micro Metakit's engineering prowess, stands as an invaluable addition to any collector's ensemble, especially for those fortunate enough to have acquired the Austrian 269 class a few years prior. Together, the 269 and 297 models served as the backbone of locomotive power on the challenging Erzbergbahn, a legacy that reverberates through rail history.

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