Micro Metakit Polish Camoflaged Amoured Steam Locomotive Class 73 of the PKP

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Prototype: The kkStB Class 73 were Austrian built locomotives operated by the Imperial Royal Austrian State Railways (kaiserlich-königliche österreichische Staatsbahnen), or k.k.StB, for freight duties. The class 73 was also sold to many other countries because it was a very efficient and successful design. This version represents the Polish Class 73 armored panzer locomotive which was used in the Polish Bolshevik War of 1919-1921. This war and the important events surrounding it are virtually absent from most history books. This is surprising given the massive impact on Europe that would have occurred had Poland lost the war against the Lenin's Russian Bolsheviks.

Model: Micro Metakit's new model is unique and highly detailed. Model is accurately camouflaged with full cab interiors and functional inner working drive rods and cylinders. Believe it or not but under the armor plating is a complete locomotive with boiler and all the details of the regular class 73. Micro Metakit did not just make an empty shell, they actually armored a regular class 73, just like it was done on the prototype back in 1919. Model is equipped with a high efficiency brushless can motor, sprung loaded puffers and fully functional inner drive rods.

Micro Metakit's class 73 is handmade in brass, features full cab interior and a functional boiler hatch with full boiler details. This model is a masterpiece and it features too many technical and optical details to list.


Only 20 locomotives were produced worldwide