HO Brass Model Train - L.M. Blum Models DMIR 2-10-4 Heavy Steam Locomotive - Unpainted

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HO Scale Brass Model Train from L.M. Blum Models Models

Duluth Missabe & Iron Range 2-10-4 Class E4 Texas Steam Locomotive
  • The Model is in Good Condition, see images.  It was a display model never used prior to recent testing.
  • Since it was never run it has no wheel wear
  • During testing, the model did not run.  Since it was never used we don't believe anything major is wrong with it.  It just needs a little maintenance and lubrication
  • Open-Frame Motor 
  • Operating Headlight & Back-Up Tender Light (tender light has a wire that attaches to the rear of the loco but then the tender light only comes on when the loco is going forward)
  • No Back-Head Detail
  • No Spare Parts
  • Original box & Foam Not Included

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