HO Brass Model Train - Key Imports Pennsylvania Railroad 4-4-6-4 Class Q-2 Duplex - Road #6175

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HO Scale Brass Model Train from Key Imports - Super Classic Benchmark Custom Series - made in Korea by Sam Model Tech. Pennsylvania Railroad 4-4-6-4 Class Q-2 Duplex Steam Locomotive & Tender - Road #6175
This is an extremely RARE model only 21 were made worldwide.  Cosmetically model is in excellent mint condition, it was only on display never used.  We track-tested the model and it does not move, we hear the motor but the wheels don't turn.  We believe the original oil hardened so a little maintenance is needed.  Since it was never run nothing serious is wrong with it.  Also, we don't have the original box, for these reasons we are discounting it $500.00 off the market value.

  • RARE!! Only 21 Made
  • 6175 Class - Road #6175
  • Equipped with a can motor 
  • Operating Directional Lights & Red Marker Lights on the rear of the tender
  • Excellent In-Cab/Backhead Detail + Working In-Cab Light
  • Operating Tender Doghouse Light
  • 48" Minimum Radius Recommended

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