HO Brass Model Train - Fulgurex 2330/2 French SNCF Railroad 2-8-2 Class 141TD Tan Locomotive

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Model: The Fulgurex class 141TD "SNCF" tank locomotive is simply remarkable.  Fulgurex models are among the finest and most collectible handmade models in world.  Fulgurex models are handmade and hand painted by "Old-World" artisans which have made Fulgurex locomotives the most sought after items by collectors all over the globe. The locomotives are truly the epitome of fine craftsmanship - the Mercedes of the European Model Railway Industry!  Many Fulgurex models are produced in quantities less than 40 worldwide, so they are very collectible. Model is equipped with a brushless, ironless, high efficient motor with flywheel, directional lighting and a factory installed ESU LokPilot decoder.  Model also features full cab interiors, functional smoke box door, sprung loaded puffers and a fully functional and replicated four cylinder drive system.  Fugurex has really out did themselves with this model, it is simply a work of art.

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