Lionel Model Trains - Lionel 2033390 Frisco Railroad E8 A+A Diesel Set

Lionel Model Trains - Lionel 2033390 Frisco Railroad E8 A+A Diesel Set

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Model is brand new, never taken out of the box.

The EMD E8, an iconic locomotive that captivated rail enthusiasts in the 1950s and remained a beloved choice for excursions well into the 2000s, graced the rails of numerous major railroads during the golden era. It played a significant role in phasing out passenger steam on many lines. As it aged, its reliability remained steadfast, and it became the backbone of Amtrak's early diesel fleet in the 1970s. Today, thanks to restoration efforts, several dozen E8 locomotives are back in operation, with many regularly plying the tracks.

This latest release of the E8 model pays homage to its rich operating history by featuring classic paint schemes from different eras. Each pair of locomotives includes two powered units, both of which can be controlled using either LEGACY or Bluetooth technology. Both units come equipped with lights, smoke, and front ElectroCouplers. The lead unit in each pair boasts Lionel's industry-leading RailSounds. No matter your preferred era or paint scheme, you're certain to find an E8 that matches your taste.

Key Features:

  1. Dual-powered units: Both locomotives in the pair are powered and fully functional.

  2. LEGACY and Bluetooth control: The locomotives can be operated using either the LEGACY Control System, TrainMaster Command Control mode, or Conventional mode with a standard transformer. Bluetooth control allows operation with a Universal Remote or the LionChief App.

  3. Fan-driven smoke: Both locomotives feature fan-driven smoke units for realistic smoke effects.

  4. Track IR: The lead locomotive is equipped with Track IR technology for improved tracking and performance.

  5. Front and rear ElectroCouplers: Both locomotives have front ElectroCouplers for easy coupling and uncoupling. Non-working rear couplers are also included.

  6. Crew figures: The lead locomotive is equipped with crew figures for added realism.

  7. Authentic lighting: Mars, roof, or ditch lights are present as appropriate for each road name. Directional LED headlights, marker lights on the front and rear, illuminated number boards, and a lighted cab interior enhance the model's authenticity.

  8. High-quality construction: Die-cast trucks, pilot, and fuel tank, along with a metal frame, ensure durability. The locomotive is richly detailed with a high level of separately applied metal parts.

  9. LEGACY Railsounds: The lead locomotive features the industry-leading LEGACY Railsounds sound system, which includes:

    • CrewTalk dialog with different scenarios based on locomotive motion.
    • TrainSounds that replicate realistic radio chatter during motion or when stopped.
    • Six official railroad speeds with corresponding CrewTalk dialog.
    • Eight diesel RPM levels.
    • LEGACY "Real-Time Quilling Horn" control with instant response for authentic horn sounds and accurately timed warning signals. Choose from five different horn options for a customized experience.
    • Single hit or continuous mechanical bell sounds with five levels of pitch adjustment.
    • Sequence Control, which plays the sound effects of an entire trip, including warning sounds and announcements, based on locomotive movement and speed.
    • Current speed and fuel dialog, along with refueling sound effects.

Product Specifications:

  • Rail Line: Frisco
  • Gauge: O Gauge
  • Power: Electric
  • Engine Type: Diesel
  • Minimum Curve: O36
  • Dimensions: Length: 34 inches (17 inches each locomotive)

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