Lionel Model Trains #2031660 Conrail Auxiliary Water Tank

Lionel Model Trains #2031660 Conrail Auxiliary Water Tank

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Introducing an exclusive addition to your excursion trains: a former New York Central Mohawk tender that underwent a remarkable transformation to serve as an auxiliary tender for the American Freedom Train in 1975. During the train's travels in the eastern region in 1975 and 1976, behind the former Reading T1 locomotive, this tender showcased two distinct paint schemes. Subsequently, it was employed for the Chessie Steam Special and was intended to be part of the Conrail steam program, which unfortunately never came to fruition.

Now, you have the opportunity to include this historically significant tender in your collection. These tenders are equipped with RailSounds, a remarkable feature that enhances the experience. Immerse yourself in the ambience with additional crew dialog before and after each excursion run, as well as background sounds that accompany the motion of the train. Furthermore, the tenders boast a functional rear light and ElectroCoupler, ensuring a realistic and captivating journey.

Crafted with a die-cast metal body and trucks, these tenders offer both durability and authenticity. Take command with LEGACY control, which empowers you to orchestrate the tender's every move. Adjust the volume to your liking and utilize the Max/Min switch for optimal control. The LEGACY Railsounds feature pre and post-run crew servicing dialog, further enhancing the realism of your model train. The addition of FreightSounds rolling motion sounds completes the immersive experience, enveloping you in the captivating world of rail travel.

Product Specifications:

  • Rail Line: Conrail
  • Gauge: O Gauge
  • Power: Electric
  • Minimum Curve: O31
  • Dimensions: Length: 12"

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