Lionel #2031470 Southern Pacific GS-2 #4414 (Lark) in Grey Livery Vision Line

Lionel #2031470 Southern Pacific GS-2 #4414 (Lark) in Grey Livery Vision Line

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Building upon the success of their iconic Daylight trains, the Southern Pacific introduced a special nocturnal train that operated between Los Angeles and San Francisco/Oakland. While the Daylight name and vibrant paint scheme were not suitable for a nighttime service, the Lark emerged in an elegant two-tone gray livery. This train quickly became a hit, with businessmen flocking to enjoy comfortable and efficient overnight trips. The consist we present here represents the typical configuration of the train in the early 1950s, featuring a squared-off observation car and Southern Pacific letter boards in place of Pullman. To replicate the articulated car on the prototype, a two-unit dining car is included. In the mid-1950s, it became common to spot cars in various SP liveries, including Daylight-painted lounge cars and Union Pacific-painted run-through cars from the "City" trains. During the 1940s and early 1950s, GS-class locomotives adorned in Daylight paint were the standard power, but as the transition to diesels occurred, E7s and PA's took over. Although the Southern Pacific never painted locomotives to match the Lark, we offer a special fantasy GS-2 model for those seeking a more consistent consist.


  • Reciprocating Cylinder Steam: The locomotive features a realistic reciprocating cylinder steam effect, adding to the authenticity of the model.
  • Whistle or Dynamo Steam: You can choose between a whistle or dynamo steam sound for a customizable experience.
  • Bi-color Classification Lights: The locomotive is equipped with bi-color classification lights that accurately replicate the prototype's appearance.
  • Multiple Quilling Whistle/Horn Choices: You can select from a range of different quilling whistle/horn options to suit your preference.
  • Force Coupler: The locomotive comes with a force coupler for reliable and secure coupling with other cars.
  • Dual Sound Systems: The locomotive features dual sound systems for enhanced audio effects.
  • Road-Specific CrewTalk: Enjoy road-specific CrewTalk dialog that mimics realistic communications based on the locomotive's road name.
  • Kinematic Drawbar: The model includes a kinematic drawbar for smooth and realistic movement.

Additional LEGACY Steam Features:

  • LEGACY Control System: The locomotive is equipped with the LEGACY Control System, allowing you to operate it in LEGACY Control mode, TrainMaster Command Control mode, or Conventional mode using a standard transformer.
  • Bluetooth Control: You can operate the locomotive using a Universal Remote or the LionChief App via Bluetooth technology.
  • Odyssey II Speed Control: The locomotive features Odyssey II Speed Control for precise speed regulation.
  • Current Speed and Fuel Dialog: Experience current speed and fuel dialog, along with coal or oil loading sound effects for added realism.
  • IR Transmitter: The locomotive is equipped with an IR Transmitter that works with the LCS SensorTrack for improved functionality.
  • Powerful Maintenance-Free Motor: The locomotive features a robust maintenance-free motor with a momentum flywheel for smooth and efficient operation.
  • Wireless Tether Connection: The locomotive and tender are connected wirelessly using the Wireless Tether technology.
  • ElectroCoupler on Tender: The tender is equipped with an ElectroCoupler on the rear for convenient coupling and uncoupling.
  • Directional Lighting: Enjoy realistic directional lighting, including an operating headlight and a back-up light on the rear of the tender.
  • Bicolor Illuminated Classification Lights: The locomotive features bicolor illuminated classification lights on the front, allowing you to switch between white or green with a Legacy controller.
  • Traction Tires: The locomotive is equipped with traction tires for improved traction and smoother operation.
  • Interior Illumination in Cab: The cab interior is illuminated, enhancing the model's visual appeal.
  • Die-Cast Metal Construction: The locomotive body, pilot, trucks, and tender body are made of die-cast metal for durability and authenticity.
  • High Level of Separately Applied Metal Details: The model showcases a high level of separately applied metal details, further enhancing its realism.
  • Separately Applied Builder's Plate: An authentic builder's plate is separately applied, reflecting the locomotive's origins.
  • Synchronized Fan-Driven Smoke Unit: The fan-driven smoke unit produces synchronized smoke effects, adding to the realism of the model.
  • Adjustable Smoke Output: You can adjust the smoke output to customize the visual effect.
  • Authentically Detailed Cab Interior: The cab interior is meticulously detailed to accurately represent the prototype.
  • Cab "Glass" Windows: The cab features transparent "glass" windows, providing a clear view into the cab.
  • Engineer and Fireman Figures: The locomotive includes figures of an engineer and fireman to bring the scene to life.

LEGACY Railsounds Sound System:

  • CrewTalk Dialog: Experience CrewTalk dialog with different scenarios based on whether the locomotive is in motion or stopped.
  • TrainSounds: Enjoy realistic TrainSounds that mimic operating dialog during motion or when stopped.
  • Six Official Railroad Speeds: The model offers six official railroad speeds with corresponding CrewTalk dialog.
  • DynaChuff: The DynaChuff technology synchronizes 32 levels of intensity with the locomotive's speed for authentic chuff sounds.
  • LEGACY "Real-Time Quilling Whistle" Control: The locomotive features LEGACY "Real-Time Quilling Whistle" control, providing instant response for realistic quilling whistle sounds and accurately timed warning signals. Choose from five different whistle options for a customized experience.
  • Single Hit or Continuous Mechanical Bell Sounds: The locomotive offers five levels of bell pitching for customizable bell sounds, including single hit or continuous options.
  • Sequence Control: The locomotive's Sequence Control feature plays the sound effects of an entire trip, including warning sounds and announcements, based on the movement and speed of the locomotive.

Product Specifications:

  • Rail Line: Southern Pacific
  • Road Number: 4414
  • Gauge: O Gauge
  • Power: Electric
  • Engine Type: Steam
  • Minimum Curve: O54
  • Dimensions: Length: 28 inches

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