Lionel #2031460 SP GS-2 #4412 Daylight Vision Line Legacy

Lionel #2031460 SP GS-2 #4412 Daylight Vision Line Legacy

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Experience the rich history of the Southern Pacific with the iconic GS-2 locomotives, the very first streamlined 4-8-4s delivered to the railroad for its legendary Daylight passenger trains. These remarkable machines became a staple not only on the Daylight trains but also on other high-priority routes as more Northerns joined the roster. During World War II, the vibrant colors of these locomotives gave way to a sleek black livery. Initially, the GS-2s retained the "Southern Pacific Lines" tender lettering but were later repainted with the larger Southern Pacific lettering. However, unlike their younger counterparts, there is no evidence to suggest that any GS-2 locomotive ever donned the iconic Daylight colors again.


  • Immerse yourself in the world of reciprocating cylinder steam with authentic whistle and dynamo steam effects.
  • Bi-color classification lights bring an extra touch of realism.
  • Enjoy the versatility of multiple quilling whistle/horn choices.
  • Experience the power of force coupler and dual sound systems.
  • Road-specific CrewTalk adds to the authenticity of your railroading experience.
  • Kinematic Drawbar ensures smooth and realistic coupling.


  • Take control with the versatile LEGACY Control System, which allows you to operate in LEGACY Control mode, TrainMaster Command Control mode, or Conventional mode with a standard transformer.
  • Seamlessly operate the locomotive with Bluetooth Control using the Universal Remote or LionChief App.
  • Enjoy smooth and realistic operation with Odyssey II Speed Control.
  • Listen to current speed and fuel dialog, and coal or oil loading sound effects.
  • Utilize the IR Transmitter for seamless integration with the LCS SensorTrack.
  • Experience powerful and reliable performance with the maintenance-free motor and momentum flywheel.
  • Maintain a wireless connection between the locomotive and tender with Wireless Tether.
  • Engage the ElectroCoupler on the rear of the tender for easy coupling and uncoupling.
  • Illuminate your journey with directional lighting, including an operating headlight and a backup light on the rear of the tender.
  • Customize your locomotive's appearance with bi-color illuminated classification lights, switchable between white and green using a Legacy controller.
  • Traction tires provide reliable traction for smooth operation.
  • Enjoy a detailed cab interior with interior illumination.
  • Revel in the authentic feel of die-cast metal locomotive body, pilot, and trucks.
  • Experience a high level of separately applied metal details and a separately applied builder's plate.
  • Create an immersive atmosphere with the synchronized fan-driven smoke unit and adjustable smoke output.
  • Marvel at the authentically detailed cab interior and "glass" windows.
  • Bring your layout to life with included engineer and fireman figures.


  • Enjoy realistic CrewTalk dialog with different scenarios depending on whether the locomotive is in motion or stopped.
  • Listen to TrainSounds that mimic operating dialog when the locomotive is in motion or stopped.
  • Select from six official railroad speeds with accompanying CrewTalk dialog.
  • Experience the DynaChuff™ feature, which synchronizes with 32 levels of intensity as the locomotive gains speed.
  • Control the LEGACY® "Real-Time Quilling Whistle" for instant response and choose from five different whistles for a personalized experience.
  • Delight in the single hit or continuous mechanical bell sounds, with five levels of bell pitching for customizable sounds.
  • Sequence Control plays the sound effects of an entire trip, including warning sounds and announcements, based on the movement and speed of the locomotive.


  • Rail Line: Southern Pacific
  • Road Number: 4412
  • Gauge: O Gauge
  • Power: Electric
  • Engine Type: Steam
  • Minimum Curve: O54
  • Dimensions: Length: 28"

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